DDoreen Primary School 


  2019 Film & Animation

This year we have chosen to enter the Live footage category of the ACMI Screen It Competition. Although we still included some animation in our film it is more a documentary. The theme is Listen and our project opens with  Shhh!.
Mrs Fraser, a former teacher at our school, visited the grade 6 students and talked about what it was like when she went to school and when she was a teacher. We used this talk as our sound track. Instead of illustrating the story she was telling, we tried to show the difference, what it is like today in our classroom. We look at all the plastic that has replaced wooden products and we comment on the throw away problems we now face. Half way through the video we change direction and show how we can do something positive about our plastic problem.
We have a team working on the acting and filming. a team working on the editing and we also have animators working on the designs to bring them to life for our story. 

Fay Fraser was a classroom teacher at Doreen PS from 1991 to 1998 and then returned to teach Religious Education


Alex Childs from Colourful Collective is helping with the project. She and the students created material from the plastic by ironing it, melting it together to create a strong fabric that can be cut and sewn. We made a cap designed by Eric and Jacob from the ironed plastic material and a mermaid dress. These items reference the fact that all our rubbish ends up in the sea and by using and recycling we are cleaning up the environment. The short video below  shows detail of some of the process. We have crews working with Alex to make the material and sew the clothes.

Click here to see the process of making the material from plastic
(wmv file - 28mb)

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Dress Design Cap Design

We are finalists !!!!!! 
Follow this link to see our completed film