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Art 2020

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Art is Back!!!

Here are some grade 2 paintings with collage work on top of spider webs.  We studied the food chain for Australian culture and learnt about what eats what in our backyard gardens.  We learnt to recognise birds species by their body and beak shape and looked closely at what they ate. We learnt about different types of Australian grasses and what lives in it. We put all this knowledge together in a picture of grass with insects, butterflies, lizards, birds and even cats to illustrate the food chain at work.

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Our Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2 classes have started back and have made some woodwork pets

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Our Grade Prep class have made some icypole stick people

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Covid-19 Remote Learning

With the onset of Covid-19 and subsequent restrictions our Art teacher Mrs Zobel created instructional videos for the students to follow while they were learning from home. The videos continued on from the work the students had been doing in term 1, and were made with the aim of inspiring them to keep drawing.
 Here is her collection. We know that a number of our parents had a great time with them, as well as our students. You may like to try them yourself.

This first collection on Perspective was made for our grade 3 - 6 classes

 Perspective No.1  Perspective  No.2 Perspective No.3 Perspective and
Your name 
Perspective in Abstraction Drawing Mirrors


This second collection was made for Grade Prep - 2 but is suitable for all grades
Making a Collage Making a Scene Making Paper Toys Shadow Play Tin Can Sculptures

Zart art have made some youtube art tutorials that might be of interest. Follow the link to check them out

Zart Art Link