Doreen Primary School


Visiting Chinese Students

We were approached through one of our families by a school in China interested in becoming our sister school. This school is situated in Guangzhou City, China and has 1800 students spread over two campuses .    Initially we had 20 Chinese students visit our school at the start of 2016, and  we have just had another 4 students here for 4 days .Glenn visited the school on a recent holiday to the area and met some of the students and teachers. There may also be an opportunity for some of our students to visit there which would be an invaluable experience for them learning all about Chinese culture.

Our new friendship with the Chinese school has prompted us to attempt to learn some Chinese words so that we can welcome our visiting Chinese students. Our grade 6 student Carr has been the first to develop a podcast that we used in LOTE time to learn to say "Good Morning" , "What's you're name?" and some other basic greetings.
 Doreen students have responded with so much enthusiasm that we are going to continue to divide our hour of Italian in half and dedicate some time to becoming familiar with Chinese greetings and the characters they use for writing. Carr has made a second podcast and next week he will present a third lesson.
The success of these podcasts has encouraged us to offer other students who speak a different language at home the chance to make a podcast for our LOTE learning.

Click here to see our visiting students working alongside our students making mosaic pavers (password required)
Click here to view our student podcasts.