Doreen Primary School



Fudge, our bearded dragon , came to Doreen Primary School in 2006. She has lived in many of the classrooms, and at the moment  her tank is in the Grade Prep room. Since moving there her tank has been re-decorated and she seems to like the new digs.  

Fudge's Trip to Strathmerton

Fudge spent his 2019 Easter at Strathmerton with the Colistra family.  See photos of his adventures below as well as a video of him swimming

Photo's of Fudge

Video of Fudge swimming

Fudge's Visit to Bright
Over Christmas 2017 Mrs Colistra, our grade Prep teacher took Fudge on a holiday to Bright with her family. She had a fantastic time, swimming and sunning herself.

Click here to see more photos of Fudge at Bright

In 2013 we made an animation featuring Fudge.  This was entered into the ACMI Screen It Competition. Click here to learn more.
We also made a short stop motion video of Fudge in her cage.  Click here to view (wmv file)