Doreen Primary School


Garden Corner

The aim is to completely cover poles with hand made mosaic ceramic pieces, and create a fence, a gate and paving to welcome our garden visitors. Eventually we will add decorated tables and garden sculptures to make it a welcoming place to sit and admire the wonderful view that surrounds our school. Within the garden walls teachers will work with students on composting and planting projects with the aim of growing food to prepare and share at school.                                                 

Work on the Garden gateway has begun. Maitreyi Ray our visiting artist started this week and so far 2 grades have made fruit, flowers and insect shapes to decorate our gate entry that will be built his term.

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The finished ceramics are amazing!!!

During week 2 more artists are giving their time to help make the poles in the ground take on the shape of mythological creatures by adding wire and render. Mark Phillips creates large scale art sculptures from ferro cement and has been responsible for public art in parks and schools.  We are lucky to have him assisting us with this project.  Hayden Childs has put up the poles for us and is our rendering engineer. Thanks guys for your help!!!

The poles for the gateway Drawing of Pole Design. They are starting to take shape!!

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 (WMV file - 20mb)

Our Garden Corner sculptures are really taking shape now with the ceramic items made by the students being added to them.

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Our sculptures are finished and look amazing!!!!!!

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 A big thank you to the following.
Hadyn and Jamie for putting up the posts
Hadyn and Mark for the ferro cement work
Maitreyi for the hours of mosaic and artistic guidance through-out the project
Peter Barnes for the glue and grout
Brad Park for the mesh fencing
Barry Priest and Masters for the beautiful coloured tiles and plants
Many parents for the tiles