Doreen Primary School


 Lantern Parade 2013

Our students have once again been making lanterns that will feature in the INTO THE LIGHT festival on September 15th at Whittlesea Show Grounds. This year the parade will have a celestial theme with stars floating amidst planets, shadows and magical beings.
From 3.30 there will be food stalls, kids activities and games, live music by locals and mini 'cinema' of short films by teenagers. There will also be lanterns to decorate. Our students will participate in  the walk which will begin as dusk falls.

Here are our planets starting to take shape

Here are our finished planets

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(look out for our planets)

Lantern Parade 2012

In September 2011 The City of Whittlesea produced a community exhibition to celebrate the coming of spring. Funded by VBRA through the Community Recovery Committee, this exhibition included layers that reflected the recent experiences in the community of fire recovery. Called INTO THE LIGHT, it was held in Whittlesea Township in the cattle shed at the showgrounds in early September and featured a lantern parade by local school children.

 Due to  positive feedback from the event it was decided to repeat the collaborative community process on September 1st this year extending the reach of the program.
.  Six Hundred Children from twelve local schools ,including Doreen Primary School, will be making lanterns and participating in the parade. As part of the "Into the Light" exhibition" the lanterns will be lit up in the dark and will look fantastic.

 The core theme this year is Spring focusing on the cycles of life, the cocoon into a butterfly, and winter tree into the spring tree, a seed into a flower. The parade will be bringing the leaves of spring to dress the winter tree in readiness for the next season.

The lanterns will be lit at 6.05 and the Parade will move off from the Cattle sheds in the Whittlesea Show Grounds at around 6.15. There will be food and music, a shadow show, video projections and more after the parade

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 Making the Lanterns

In the first session with an artist (Jo) where our students built the cane frames for their lanterns. They worked in pairs making one frame, holding and helping each other, then made another frame so that everyone had a lantern .
In the second session they applied a  mache skin to the frames.


In the third session the students decorated their lanterns.

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Click here to see a video of the Parade

Click here to see a video of the shadow show