Doreen Primary School


Wall Mural 2017


Work on the Mural has started!!!!

The theme of our Mural is The world -  Australia (around the sink)  .The idea was to inspire conversations about our place in the world. Our indigenous history and culture, our animals and plants. We looked at what was unique to Australia. 

The preps made the leaves and flowers on the trees around the sink. Grade 1 made the snakes that are attached to the map of Australia and these are meant to represent major gathering places of the aboriginal people. As these places of importance grew into cities as we know them today, the indigenous people were forced to move inland. The older students made the birds and the animals. Sometimes working individually and sometimes working as part of a team to create the larger creatures.

 A big Thank-you to our visiting artist Maitreyi Ray for helping us to make the mural

Here are pictures of the first pieces attached to the wall.

Click here to see more

Maitreyi has co-ordinated groups of students to help with the painting on the mural and as we hoped it has got students talking about where their parents came from, where they have travelled and where we is our place in the world.

See more pictures of our kids working on the Mural.  (Password required)

We will keep you posted with our progress