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Teacher - Perng Chao

Perng started teaching our students Chinese  this year and is a great asset to our school. She  has more than 7 years of LOTE(Mandarin) teaching experience in Australia. In addition to the Master of Teaching qualification specialising in Early Childhood and Primary Education, she also has a Post-graduate diploma of Education (specialising in General Science, Biology, and LOTE (Mandarin) and a bachelor degree in applied science (Chinese medicine). She is a dedicated teacher who is passionate in fostering students’ love for learning Mandarin. She was selected and participated in the Intercultural Capability Project and Virtual Language Teacher Professional Development Pilot Program hosted by the Department of Education and Training.

Students in our Chinese program develop ‘Communication Skills’ and ‘Cultural Understanding’. They communicate and engage with others and build their confidence in speaking in another language. They reflect on their language learning and their experiences can be applied in other learning contexts. Through learning Chinese students broaden their views about themselves, others, and the communities in this interconnected world.
Our curriculum is on a continuum from F- 6. We follow the Victorian Curriculum in our sequence planning and designs with an objective of a smooth transition from primary to secondary Chinese language education.


Students in our program:

  •     Build awareness, intercultural understanding, and multiculturalism to foster young global citizens.


  • Familiarise with Chinese language and culture through various engaging activities such as singing songs, physical movements, dances, arts & crafts and games to foster interests in language learning.


  •  Use the Chinese language to introduce and describe themselves and their families to others. They interact and respond to relevant topics about themselves, including hobbies, friends, and daily routines.


  •  Use the Chinese language to further engage in our world through learning about nationalities, sustainability, food, shopping, sports, directions, music (pop and classic), and modern technologies.



Sister-school connections

Our language program complements our sister school program. Our sister school ‘ Huizhou Primary School No 11’ is in Guangzhou province in China. Students in our school have the opportunity to go aboard and visit our sister school and further expand their intercultural understanding and capabilities. 

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