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Parent Teacher Interview Survey

This is a simple Survey to get Feedback on the recent Parent Teacher Interviews we held on our Pupil Free Day on Wednesday 31st May . We would like your thoughts on the day from your point of view so as we plan 2024 with input from all members of our school community. We will also ask our students.

It is obvious that this year’s day was too close to the Report Writing Day, but due to Book Fair, the late announcement by DET that schools now have 5 Pupil Free Days instead of 4, the short term 2 (9 weeks) and the short notice to the community an earlier day in May would have meant, the 31st May became the best option. Next year it would be earlier. Below is a likely plan.

Do you find the format of Parent/Teacher Interview effective?
Would having your child present in the interview and hear from them be preferable?

Mid February

Parent /Teacher

Scheduled times to discuss Class expectations and procedures, and for parents to share any information they think is relevant with their teacher.

End of February

Parent Information Night

Parents of Prospective students in 2025 meet staff, hear about the school culture, mission, values, programs, etc.


Were you happy that the school used a Pupil Free Day for these Interviews?
Was the Child Care sufficient?
Do you feel you can contact the school at any stage to talk about your child?

Early May


Discuss student progress; ideas for improvement; what we are going to do next; what parents can do to help; concerns parents may have

All Year

Make an appointment with your child’s teacher to discuss issues or concerns; your child’s teacher may contact you to discuss issues or concerns

Thanks for submitting!
We will confirm your booking by email

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