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Teacher - Sara Simmons

Sara started teaching Physed at Doreen Primary School in 2019  and is passionate about teaching children the importance of being physically active, and also about finding ways that work for them. For some children this is in the way of competitive sport, while others it may be playing less formal games.  

Students in all grades get the opportunity to participate in a Physical Education lesson each week. Students are always encouraged to have a go and to try their best. There is a focus on skill development, physical activity and sportsmanship. The overall Physical Education program aims to develop Fundamental Motor Skills that can then be used in modified games and transferred to various sports. Sporting opportunities that students at Doreen Primary School are exposed to include Bike Education, Interschool Sport, Kaboom Sports Event Day, Jets Gymnastics, swimming lessons, District  Athletics, Cross-Country and Swimming Championships (as part of School Sport Victoria). 

We also have an extensive Bike Education Program which culminates in an all school bike ride along the bike track between Diamond Creek and Westefold Park in Templestowe.   This happens every year in term 4. The grade 6 class also do an inner city ride.

Sara has been providing our students with fantastic daily activies  to do in lockdown.  Follow the link below to view. 
Phys Ed Activities

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