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The Beginnings of our Animation Program

In 2009 our Art Teacher Dianne Zobel invited an artist, Megan Evans, to help us with a new and exciting project. It began as an idea for an art animation about Gilgamesh and Humbaba and the cutting of the Cedar Forest. This story is thousands of years old and believed to be the oldest story in recorded history, carved into a stone tablet.

The project grew into a pop-up book set, and then continued to grow into a collaborative work with children from South Africa. It was the start of big things at Doreen Primary School. 

After the project was exhibited it was published as a story in the local paper and we caught the attention of educators who encouraged us to make another film and suggested we enter the ACMI Screen It competition. The following year we made Cubbies and which we entered into the prestigious competition at ACMI and won the best overall entry.

Each year (for the next 10 years) until the Screen It competition was closed, we entered a film and made it to the finals, apart from one disappointing year there was a complication with our entry and we were not included.

Gilgamesh 2009

Gilgamesh is the anceint story about Gilgamesh and Humbaba and was a colaboration between our students and students in South Africa. 

Gilgamesh Small.jpg

Fudge and Us  2013

 Fudge and us started out as a documentary on our resident bearded dragon but became more about getting to know fudge and her behavours. It was awarded a special mention at the 2013 ACMI Screen It  presentation.

Sandmap 2012

Selected students from grades 4, 5 and 6 created and produced short stories  which were all put together   in to one animation called Good Stories.   They all illustrated life in our semi rural small primary school setting and the rest of the school helped out with sets.  Sandmap was one of those stories and came equal second in the 2012 VITTA video challenge


Cubbies was another one of the short stories made for the Short Story animation and tells about the playground activity that became a tradition for Doreen PS student. It won the best overall entry by a primary school in the 2012 ScreenIt competiiton and was chosen for the Little Big Shots International Film festival

Cubbies 2012

Sandmap Small.jpg


Cubbies Small.jpg


Good Stories


The Devoted Friend is a Story written by Oscar Wilde and presents an interesting way of thinking about friendship and what is a bully. This was the first time we had had used green screen.  It won Best Primary Live Action video at the 2014 Screen It Awards presentation

Devoted Friend 2014

Devoted Friend small.jpg

The Screen 2015

The screen was made by animating strange drawings made in art. the drawings were made by one student folding the paper in half and drawing objects and then another student completing the picture without knowing what had been drawn on the first half of the page. They were then animated using stop frame animation.

The Screen small.JPG

Mots Mansion/Shadow Man 2016

In Mots mansion we painted and drew stairs and empty rooms and animated an articulated model then combined the drawings and animation on a green screen.  It made the finals of the 2016 Screen it competition.

The Extraordinay Day was the first animation where we had gone on location to film our live footage. We used a number of processes for this animation including time lapse, green screen,  computer animated drawings and stop frame animation.

the Eggstaordinary Day 2017

Old Trom and the Two Strange Strings 2018

To make Trom and the Two Strange Strings, Students listened to different musical instruments then chose three that fitted the theme of Curiosity.  From here a sound track was developed to animate.  the instruments chosen were the cello, trombone and ukelele and these became the stars of the animation. 

Wear it

Wear it is about showing the differences between one of our former teachers (Mrs Fraser) recollections of what is was like when she went to school and what it is like in today's classroom. We look at all the plastic that has replaced wooden products and the the throw away problems we now face.

SShhh small.jpg
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