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School Values

Determination - Students will develop independence and the skills needed to actively seek solutions with confidence determination and self-discipline.
- To cater for and foster individual creativity and forward thinking so as to have the skills needed for the challenges of the future.
Respect - All members of our school community will learn to have respect for others and themselves in both their community and beyond, fostering the culture of everyone belonging and having a voice.
Resilience - Children in our school community will be encouraged to be independent and resilient in both their social interactions and when taking on academic tasks and activities.
Empathy - Students will be supported in developing tolerance, understanding and acceptance of each other's unique qualities at both a school level and in the wider community.
Excellence - students will strive to achieve their best and be proud to do so, developing a lifelong thirst for learning and an intrinsic feeling of pride in their efforts.
Nurture - This school will be a safe and supportive environment where children will learn the benefits of taking the consequences for their chosen action, both positive and negative.

At Doreen Primary School, our aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment for the whole school community that encourages independence in social and academic situations; fosters positive risk taking; develops and nurtures resilience; provides an environment where both positive and negative consequences of actions are respected; values respect for all members of the community; fosters the notion that a student‟s best efforts are an achievement they should aim for and be proud of, and includes all stakeholders in decision making.

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