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Our school was first erected by the local community in 1867 on a 3 acre site on the south side of what is now known as Chapel Lane. The first Departmental inspection described the building as 24 squares of sapling studs, paling walls, shingle roof, pine floor, lined with cloth and paper.
Government aid was granted on 1st July 1868 thus officially recognizing the Hazel Glen Common School No.945. The school was purchased by the Department of Education on 15th August 1873 and three months later was changed from Common School to State School. In 1879 additions measuring 24 feet by 24 feet were made, and in 1884 the old school building was replaced by a portable classroom, but by 1889 school numbers had risen to beyond the statutory limit so discussions started on relocating to a more suitable site.
On 6th March 1895 the portable school was relocated to the present site but was still known as Hazel Glen State School.  By 1897 the school was again overcrowded but nothing was done until 1907 when the former Woodstock State School No. 1675 was placed on the site and the No.945 portable school was converted to a residence of five rooms.
The school was name was changed on 8th August 1923 after it was recommended to the Education Department that it agree with the postal address and be renamed Doreen Primary School. The old portable school which had been converted into a residence fell into a state of disrepair and was dismantled.
The former Woodstock school was eventually outgrown by the numbers attending and was unable to be modified due to its age.  It was replaced by two light timber constructions which are still in use today.

Original Hazelglen School No. 945                                           Mr Wallis - Head Teacher 1932

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