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Joanne and Sonia 2009

In 2009 two young indigenous women from the Northern Territory, Joanne and Sonia, visited Doreen to observe classes and participate where possible gaining skills in teaching practice.  They spent time with teachers in each grade and worked with Di Zobel, our LOTE/Art teacher,  to develop a valuable LOTE program introducing us to the Donydji Language. Joanne and Sonia  returned to Doreen PS in September 2010 for short time to continue their study and work experience.

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Movie of students being  taught  Language

In June 2011  Dianne Zobel  along with a group from Elthan High School  travelled to Arnhem Land as part of a cutlural exchange with two schools Donydji Homeland and Gupuwiyak School. They  came to understand how remote this part of Australia is and how this makes everything difficult from simple things like communication and purchasing single items to getting equal education. Even so, the people they met were welcoming and keen to include them in their daily lives. The children were happy to work with them in the schools and were excited to learn.

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