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Teacher - Di Zobel

Di Zobel has been our very enthusiastic Art teacher since 2002.  She works with lots of different mediums such as wood,  paint, felt, sticks, stones and leaves to name a few.  She runs an extensive clay/ pottery program each year in term 3. Our students have lots of fun and have made some truly wonderful artworks. With the help of our students and visiting artists she has created some amazing artworks that are on display around the grounds of our school.  See link below

With the onset of Covid-19 and subsequent restrictions Di created instructional videos for the students to follow while they were learning from home. The videos continued on from the work the students had been doing at school, and were made with the aim of inspiring them to keep drawing. Here is her collection. We know that a number of our parents had a great time with them, as well as our students. You may like to try them yourself. See Link below. 

Here are some samples of previous artwork. 
Click on image to start slide show

Ancient Chinese Houses

Charcoal and Dry Pastel

Goldworthy Inspired Art


Paper Mache Mask

Felt Painting

clay pots



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