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Sadly, in the week of 9th Febuary, 2023 our beloved school pet Fudge passed away. She has been an integral part of Doreen Primary School for 17 years having spent the last 6 years as a very much-loved member of the Prep classroom. Fudge had a magical way of settling the Preps into their new classroom when things were a little daunting at the start of the school year. She spent many hours sitting on the children’s tables watching them complete their schoolwork and loved nothing more than to eat meal worms out of their little hands. Fudge never failed to bring a smile to the students faces and she will be greatly missed.

We will remember watching her munch on Huntsman spiders that were caught around the classrooms at one time or another.

We are sure students and staff past and present can remember holding her or giving her a pat. 

She will be forever kept as a fond memory in our hearts.

Fudge, our bearded dragon , came to Doreen Primary School in 2006. She has lived in many of the classrooms, and at the moment  her tank is in the Grade Prep room. Since moving there her tank has been re-decorated and she seems to like the new digs. He has been a couple of holidays with the Colistra family (our Prep teacher) to firstly Bright in 2018 and then Strathmerton in 2019.  Below are some photos and videos of his adventures.  

Fudge at Bright

Fudge swimming.JPG

Fudge Swimming

Visit our animations page to view our movie on fudge which was entered into the ACMI Screen It Competition.  We also made a short stop motion video of Fudge in her cage.  Click here to view.


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