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 Enrolment Info

Doreen PS is a small country school with an enrolment cap of 150 students, therefore we can only offer a limited number of places in our Foundation/Prep year.   We are now accepting applications up to the 2025 school year.

Our criteria for Foundation Year enrolment is as follows:
Preference is given to siblings of existing families and then to those families living within our catchment area  .  After those requirements have been met we work by date of receipt of enrolment form, starting with the Doreen area and working our way out to other suburbs until we have reached our limit.


The timeline is as follows.


We run four transition days in the year prior to commencement.  These days are organised so the children can experience all of our specialist programs which include Art, Music, PhysEd and Auslan. They also spend time in the classroom getting acquainted with their teachers and their classmates.

Our Teacher Tennielle Aleksovski along with Teacher Assistant Linda Thomas do an amazing job.  They work extremely well together, and students thrive on the enthusiastic, caring environment they create. 


Tennielle Aleksovski

Linda Thomas


School tours have been fully booked for term 1.  We will notify of term 2 dates when known.

If you are interested in enrolling in any other year level please call the office for class availability.

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