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Teacher - Rachel Blake

Rachel Blake started teaching Music at Doreen Primary School in 2020. She has a great passion for all forms of music which she enthusiastically  shares with our students, and equips them with skills so they can enjoy making their own music throughout their school life and beyond.
The music program offers children a wide range of experiences, focused on playing lots of music on the many wonderful instruments available (ukulele, guitar, percussion, keyboard), developing ensemble skills, song writing and composition, and singing. Drama and dance are also important and well-loved parts of the program. The whole school performs in our Annual School Concert, and children of all ages come together every week to sing in our school choir.

Students at Doreen love our band program, available to our senior students who are keen to extend their skills playing songs they choose in one of our rock bands. We also run an extensive instrumental program, including lessons on drums, guitar, bass, piano keyboard, violin and voice. Together with our expert instrumental tutors, we run regular concerts so that students can showcase their music.

Last year with the Covid pandemic preventing normal performances, the music concerts were turned into audio and video projects. Here is the audio of our 2020 Graduation song. 

Grade 6 2020 concert song

Rachel also made some fantastic video music lesson for our students during remote learning.

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