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Pre-School Music Class

Where: DPS in the Music Room.

When: Thursday mornings at 9.15 -10am 

Who: This is for all pre-schoolers and their carers/parents. The activities will suit 3–4-year-olds best. Parents are welcome to bring younger siblings to the sessions. Parents are expected to join in with their children in all activities, if they have a baby, they will be able to join in with their baby too, I will design the activities for everyone. 

Maximum participants: up to 8 adults and their children (the room can accommodate 16 comfortably so if there are extra (younger) siblings or babies that will be ok)

What: Session format will be 35 mins of activities (games, songs, instruments, stories) with 10 mins time at the end to chat together, look at books and for me to answer any questions.

These classes aim to give parents and carers the skills and confidence to enjoy music with their children in day-to-day life. Even if parents do not think they are musical, or they will be able to join in alongside their children. The emphasis is on having fun together, being expressive with our voices and on being playful. There is no pressure to ‘get it right’. Young children learn best in a safe, relaxed environment where their parents and carers can model the activities and play with them.

About Me: Rachel Blake is a trained musician (violin, guitar & voice) and teacher with a special interest in early childhood and primary education. I have taught classes ranging from pre-school to year 12 and taught violin and viola up to diploma level. My programs are founded on Orff, Kodály and the Musical Futures pedagogies of musical education, offering a blend of all these philosophies. My key belief is: When you create an environment to nurture musical growth, everyone can be musical. I want everyone to experience the joy of sharing music together.

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