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 "A Hands on Approach"

Is what we are all about at Doreen Primary School. Children learn skills and concepts (yes TABLES!!) then apply them in a practical and every day approach in a fun and enjoyable manner. Maths programs are focused around sequential development based upon expected learning outcomes from the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. Small class sizes mean children who are at both ends of the scale can work on individually based goals. Each child experiences success at their own level' Reports reflect a true and accurate picture of your child’s progress though out the year as well as indicating future directions. 

Integrated Curriculum
Relevance is Vital

The integrated program we have in place at Doreen is based on a four year plan, so that all key learning areas are covered.

Throughout the integrated program we incorporate outings to solidify classroom learning, thus giving the students a chance to put into practice many of the lessons learned.

We find this method to have enormous benefits, the students have a structured classroom program combined with hands on experience. Due to our intimate size, excursions are run which involve the students applying the knowledge they have gained at school to a real life situation.   

Reading is the foundation stone

All children at Doreen Primary School have access to a wide range of programs which ensure both  success and progress. Classroom programs provide for all children whether a beginning, struggling or advanced reader. Literacy Intervention Programs run Prep to grade 6 and classroom activities are open ended, therefore children are challenged to extend themselves. We are constantly updating books and resources to allow children a wide selection of materials in  both classrooms. Staff are in serviced in current trends including Early and Middle Years Literacy which is run from Prep to  Grade Six.    

Doreen Primary School is part of an inter-school sports program, together with many schools within the locality. Sports days are eagerly anticipated by the students and win, lose or draw, all have a wonderful day. Sports include athletics, football, swimming, cross country, rounders, basketball, netball, softball, T-ball and the less formal ball games. Programs are also run in Physical Education, Gymnastics (PIT Gym visits) Bike Education and swimming.
Camps and Excursions

Camps and excursions form part of our integrated curriculum. All children are involved in several excursions during the year. The senior students are involved in a shared camp with other small schools in the area, and all children take part in a "sleepover" 
Junior School Council

A Junior School Council runs at Doreen Primary School. The students being important stakeholders in the curriculum and activities at our school. 

Our School

Although our school is small in size it is huge in the care and ultimate education for each and every child. Our playground is testament to this theory. We have a "big buddy" program and there are no specific areas for different age groups to play in. We don’t need them, all of our children mix and play together in the playground. It is wonderful to see. This we believe is unique in our community and something we are extremely proud of.

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